Is Poor Posture Responsible For Your TMJ Discomfort?

“Stop slouching!” your mother would always say when you were a kid. And here you thought she was saying that just to nag you.

Turns out mother knows best when it comes to not only table manners, but also decreasing the pain you feel on a daily basis due to temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

When it comes to your posture, it’s really all about ergonomics. That is to say, making sure the equipment you use while working (desk, chair) and devices you engage with (keyboard, mouse) all conform to the natural movements of the human body.

You wouldn’t sit in a chair for eight hours at work each day that didn’t allow your feet to touch the ground, right? You wouldn’t use a keyboard down by your knees either, would you? That’s because positions that are unnatural to the body put unnecessary stress on it. If you suffer from TMJ disorder, you can trace this stress and strain directly back to your jaw.

When you slouch over or have to reach too far at your desk to engage with a mouse, for example, the muscles in your jaw, neck, and shoulder try to compensate for this awkward body positioning by providing resistance. This means your muscles are pulling backward in an effort to realign yourself. Just think of all that strain going on in your upper body. That’s about the last thing you need if you have TMJ disorder.

This is why you need to take a good hard look at your posture whether you’re at work, in the car, or watching TV at home. Poor posture will throw your body out of whack in a heartbeat, and the typical result is a throbbing, painful TMJ.

Start tweaking your posture for the better by making sure you always have both feet flat on the ground when sitting at a desk. Use a mouse quite often? Purchase an ergonomically correct pad. And make sure you’re not reaching out too far when using it.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to help you attain perfect posture, try checking out our in-depth program. There’s an easy-to-use checklist that will have your TMJ feeling better right away.

Until next time!

Is What You’re Drinking Harming Your TMJ?

Today you’re going to learn one of the simplest things you can do to reduce TMJ pain.  And although this is crucial for all people, not just those with TMJ, roughly 80% of people in the US get this wrong.

We’ve been spending the past few years giving you the best tips for how to fix TMJ. We’ve talked time and time again about taking advantage of natural remedies before ever considering surgeries or side-effect inducing medications.

These latter two treatments are unproven, will drain your bank account, and often make your TMJ even worse than it is right now.

Along with surgery and medications, did you know that there’s a very real chance that what you’re drinking is directly causing you TMJ pain?

If you’re anything like most Americans, you probably consume a good amount of caffeine.

Caffeine has been proven to cause muscle tension and dehydration, which both lead to awful TMJ pain. All those muscles in your jaw, neck, shoulders, back, and more need to be properly hydrated with water (NOT coffee and Pepsi) to avoid tension and cramping of any sort. It is this tension in the muscles that helps cause the pain you often feel.

So what liquid concoctions should you stay away from? Here are the usual suspects:

  • Coffee – We love our coffee too, but we make sure to have decaf and include lots of water in our diet first thing in the morning.
  • Soda – To give you some perspective, not only is the caffeine contents of soda awful for you, but also the sugar as well. A 20 ounce Mountain Dew has 77 grams of sugar. That’s 19.5 sugar cubes!
  • Energy Drinks – These guys are the worst culprits of all. Sure, Red Bull might have some cool commercials and sponsor sporting events you enjoy, but did you know that just a single 8.3 ounce can has 80 milligrams of caffeine? Yikes! Along with the 27 grams of sugar, no wonder it’s been linked to everything from obesity to sever anxiety.

As you can see, certain items your drinking right now could be contributing to your TMJ disorder in a mighty way.

This is why one of the first things you’ll learn in the TMJ Disorder Home Treatment Program, before all the stretches and stress relief methods, is how to make drinking water a habit.  Something you do without even thinking about it.  It’s that important.

You absolutely can get rid of your TMJ pain without medications or surgery, and changing what you drink is one small but very effective way to help you along that path to relief.

Until next time.

Interested in a TMJ Podcast?

TMJ Home Remedies has long been dedicated to helping you attain pain relief from TMJ disorder through the use of the written word. From blog posts to our comprehensive TMJ pain relief program, we always strive to write as clearly as possible so you can utilize our tips to start feeling better right away.

Well today we’re excited to announce that we’re kicking around the idea of starting a TMJ podcast for all of you. We will take some time each month to answer all of your questions and to continue to provide you with all the natural health tips you need to attain pain relief as quickly as possible.

So what do you think? Would you be interested in a TMJ podcast?

If so, what questions would you like us to answer? Send your questions to to have your questions answered first.

TMJ Home Remedies is dedicated to continuing to help you find relief from this awful disorder (without resorting to surgeries or medications). So let us know if a TMJ-focused podcast is something you’d enjoy and we’ll get going on it right away.

Until next time!

How Magnesium Relieves TMJ Pain

TMJ Home Remedies has been showing you over the past few weeks some of the best tips for curing your TMJ pain the natural and safe way. No suggestions for various pain medications or surgeries here; just healthy tips that will have you feeling better in no time.

Today you’re going to learn a little bit about magnesium. You may already be consuming it here and there in your diet, but did you know that by making sure to include magnesium-rich foods into your diet each and every day that you can greatly reduce TMJ pain?

This is because a huge contributor to TMJ discomfort is inflammation. Well thankfully for you magnesium is a natural way to relieve inflammation so that your muscles – especially those in your jaw – won’t be so tight all of the time. Relaxing and easing tension in your jaw area should always be a number one priority, be it through exercise, lifestyle changes, or making sure to add lots of magnesium-rich foods to your diet.

So what foods are rich in magnesium? Here are just a few that you’ll want to consume every day:

  • Spinach (this is the big one. A spinach salad will greatly reduce inflammation)
  • Vegetables (raw or cooked)
  • Fresh and organic fruits
  • Whole and cracked grains
  • Wild Alaskan salmon
  • White and green tea

There are many other foods jam-packed with magnesium. For a detailed list and a few recipe suggestions, try checking out The TMJ Disorder Home Treat Program. There are already many TMJ sufferers just like yourself that have reduced or eliminated their TMJ pain by using this comprehensive program.

We’ll see you again next week where we’ll give you even more great tips you can use at home to cure your TMJ disorder the natural and safe way. In the meantime, make sure to include magnesium in all your meals.

Until next time,

TMJ Home Remedies

Finding a Cure for TMJ the Natural Way

TMJ Home Remedies has been getting some amazing emails lately from folks that are successfully eliminating their TMJ pain naturally.

Here’s one we just received that makes us beam with pride and joy:

I have had tremendous success through your TMJ program and I haven’t even completed half of it. Thank you!!!!!

I’ve figured out some of the foods that bothered me — think pretzel nuggets — and now automatically go to my exercises when I feel a slight twinge.

I would endorse your program for anyone experiencing TMJ pain.

Again – Thanks!

How amazing is that?!

We couldn’t be prouder of Virginia and the countless others that are finding TMJ pain relief the natural and safe way.

So how are people like Virginia finally able to feel better without resorting to painful and unnecessary surgeries and expensive medications?

Here’s the basic overview of how our TMJ Home Treatment Program can help you make slight alterations to you diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits to get significant relief from your TMJ:

  1. Diet: Curing your TMJ the natural and safe way starts with a proper diet. Just look at what Virginia realized: it was those pretzel nuggets she adored so much that were causing her unnecessary pain. Once she made some minor tweaks to her diet, she began to feel instant relief.
  2. Exercise: You probably already know about the overall health benefits of exercising. Well the same holds true for your TMJ, so get your body movin’ and your blood pumpin’ to start feeling better right away.
  3. Lifestyle: Stress and anxiety are two of the most overlooked yet contributing factors to TMJ pain. Are you taking note of lifestyle habits that may be directly causing TMJ discomfort?

Once you start to follow these diet, exercise, and lifestyle tips you’ll notice a sharp decrease in TMJ pain that will only lesson with time.

It’s so wonderful to hear from people who are putting this to work for them and getting amazing results that they never though were possible.

So, who else wants a pain-free TMJ?

We’ll see you again next week where we’ll share with you more tips that will help you cure your TMJ disorder the natural and safe way.

Until next time,

TMJ Home Remedies

Curing TMJ the Natural Way Through Lifestyle Changes

The past few weeks TMJ Home Remedies has showed you how diet and exercise can help you to cure your TMJ disorder the natural way without relying on painful surgeries and side-effect inducing medications.

Today you’re going to learn how just a few basic changes to your current lifestyle will greatly increase your chances of curing your TMJ disorder once and for all.

One thing we’ve noticed from 99% of the literature out there on temperomandibular joint disorder is how easily one’s lifestyle habits get overlooked. Did you know that by making just a few small changes here and there that you can reduce your TMJ pain by leaps and bounds?

The main reason you need to look at your current lifestyle habits is because they might be contributing to muscle tension without you even knowing it. For example, let’s say your job, school, and/or family schedule leaves you in a constant state of tension. This tension is the very thing that leads to TMJ pain. With muscles tight throughout your body, how can you relax enough to give the muscles and tendons around your TMJ a break?

Just the act of gritting your teeth in frustration can lead directly to awful TMJ discomfort. (In fact, for a comprehensive checklist of lifestyle habits that might be adding to your pain, try checking out our TMJ Home Treatment Program.)

Once you identify the things in your life that are causing you stress (your boss, your significant other, that dog next door that won’t stop barking) you can start utilizing techniques – such as meditation – to relieve yourself of unnecessary stress and TMJ pain.

We’ll see you again next week where we’ll give you more tips you can use at home to cure your TMJ disorder the natural and safe way.

Until next time,

TMJ Home Remedies

Curing TMJ the Natural Way Through Exercise

TMJ Home Remedies showed you last week that making just a few small changes to your diet can help to cure your TMJ disorder the natural way – without expensive and unnecessary surgeries and medications.

Today you’re going to learn how simple exercises will have your TMJ feeling much more relaxed and in a lot less pain.

Far too many TMJ sufferers don’t realize how connected exercise and TMJ disorder are. Did you know that by simply doing just 15 minutes of exercise each day – especially in the morning – that you can significantly reduce your TMJ pain?

The reason you need to exercise each day is because it helps to stretch out your body and get your blood pumping. One of the biggest reasons for TMJ disorder is inflammation. That is, the tightening of your tendons and muscles. But by doing very basic exercises each and every day, you’ll start to combat that inflammation and achieve relaxed muscles like never before.

In the meantime, try going for a short walk each day to get your blood flowing and muscles loosened up. You don’t have to do anything extreme here. Just go for a walk around the block or ride your bike for a few miles. Anything that gets your heart rate up will do.

(If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of the best exercises to do for TMJ disorder, try checking out our TMJ Home Treatment Program. You’ll learn about specific exercises that target the jaw, neck, shoulders, back and much more.)

Once you start adding exercise to your daily routine, you’ll start to see how it’s an amazing natural cure for TMJ disorder. It sure beats invasive surgeries and side-effect inducing medications, doesn’t it?

We’ll see you again next week where we’ll show you how a few simple lifestyle changes will help you cure your TMJ disorder the natural and safe way.

Until next time,

TMJ Home Remedies

Curing TMJ the Natural Way Through Your Diet

Last week we showed you that getting rid of TMJ disorder is absolutely a possibility. It just takes some alterations to your diet, exercise, and lifestyle routines.

Today we’re going to focus specifically on your diet. You might not even be aware of how important your diet is to curing TMJ the natural way.

Many TMJ sufferers don’t realize the importance of their diet because their doctors, dentists, and other so-called TMJ specialists are too busy prescribing side-effect inducing medications or unnecessary surgeries instead of educating patients about the importance of food.

What you put in your body has a direct effect on your TMJ. Are you the kind of person that can down an entire liter of soda in a single day? Are you nothing without your daily Red Bull or double latte? If so, you probably don’t even realize the damage you’re inflicting on your temperomandibular joint.

(For a comprehensive list of the foods you simply MUST avoid, try checking out our TMJ Home Treatment Program.)

Foods that contribute to TMJ pain need to be replaced with those that promote relief. We’re not talking about crazy and exotic foods here. either. Simple items you can find in a produce aisle will have you feeling relief within days.

One such food is spinach. The high-magnesium content of spinach will help to alleviate inflammation in your temperomandibular joint, which will have you feeling better right away.

So make something like a spinach salad a part of your weekly routine. Make a salad before you go to work. Order them from restaurants during dinner.

It doesn’t really matter how you do it, just make sure that you do!

We’ll chat with you again next week where we’ll show you how just a few incredibly simple changes to your exercise routine will help you to cure TMJ disorder the natural way.

Until next time,

TMJ Home Remedies

Can I Really Get Rid of TMJ Disorder Forever?

Recently we here at TMJ Home Remedies surveyed you, the TMJ disorder sufferers of the world, to see what your number one question was. The inquiry we received time and again was this:

“Can I really get rid of my TMJ disorder forever?”

We’re happy to tell you emphatically that the answer is yes!

You absolutely can eliminate your TMJ disorder – both now and forever – without resorting to surgery or side-effect inducing pain medications. You can live a life 100% free from TMJ. You will no longer have to wonder if today is the day that your jaw is going to suddenly start hurting so much that you can barely chew or talk.

You’ll also find the type of pain relief that will have your sleeping like a baby. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed, and revitalized – especially since you won’t have spent the entire night clenching.

People just like you that are using our TMJ Home Treatment Program are constantly telling us that they are getting relief that they thought was never possible.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

Remember this: It’s not your fault if you’re currently struggling to get rid of your TMJ pain. Doctors, dentists, and additional so-called “specialists” that only want to cover up your symptoms with drugs or $20,000-plus surgeries are the ones to blame.

I’m sure you want to know exactly what steps to take to join myself and thousands of others that have finally eliminated their TMJ pain once and for all.

These steps each revolve around the three keys to TMJ pain relief: diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

For example:

  • Make sure to eat a clean, anti-inflammatory diet.
  • Get your daily does of exercise by stretching, going for a walk, or hitting the gym.
  • When it comes to lifestyle, make sure to take time out of your day to relax, breathe, and work on lowering your stress levels.

So what was the second most common question on the survey?

What are the best natural ways to help with TMJ issues?

Over the next few emails, we’ll look at specific natural treatments in detail so you can start down the path to a life free of TMJ pain.

Until next time,

TMJ Home Remedies

Want a Pain-Free TMJ? Go For a Walk

Today’s post is going to show you how something as simple as going for a walk can help you attain TMJ pain relief.

We here at TMJ Home Remedies are big fans of the NBC show The Biggest Loser. The premise is simple: incredibly overweight individuals are selected to be on the show to lose as much weight as possible over the span of about four to five months. During the first episode, it’s not uncommon to see some contestants weight as much as 450-500 pounds.

The first thing the trainers do is have these folks walk. And you know what happens? They instantly begin to see positive health results. Some contestants lose 30-plus pounds in the first 7 days alone from walking.

Just like at some of the health benefits according to

  • Lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol)
  • Raise high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol)
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Improved mood

So why is walking a TMJ treatment option you need to start doing today? First of all, because it improves your mood, going for walks is great for removing stress and anxiety. Moreover, you’ll find yourself sleeping much deeper at night. Instead of a night tossing, turning, and possibly grinding your teeth, you’ll awake refreshed and relaxed – as will your TMJ.

Walking will also increase your appetite. Your body will start to crave the kind of food that helps reduce inflammation and swelling in your jaw joints, such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

Going for a walk is just about the easiest way to start reducing TMJ pain, which is why we have an entire session dedicated to exercise in our TMJ Home Treatment Program that includes simple cardio as well as stretches and other advanced techniques.

The contestants on The Biggest Loser are always shocked at how much better they look and feel after just a few weeks of walking consistently.  Even though you personally may not have 300 pounds to lose, you and your TMJ will feel fantastic as well.

Until next time,

TMJ Home Remedies