Healthy Alternatives To TMJ Surgeons

For those of you suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), the thought of going to various TMJ surgeons to finally achieve pain relief might seem like a good idea at first. And how could it not? If you’re currently hopped up on pain killers that do nothing but mask your pain, and all the while you’re trying multiple treatments prescribed by TMJ doctors that only make you feel worse, then it’s no wonder that your mind might start thinking about TMJ surgeons.

Forget about all that. Today I want you to learn why you should avoid invasive surgery and instead focus your attention on healthy alternatives such as home remedies. These home remedies are great for alleviating pain in the jaw, neck, and shoulder areas without breaking the bank or relying on risky medical procedures.

The #1 Reason To Stay Away From TMJ Surgeons

It’s always a really sad thing to see when sufferers feel that the only solution for their pain is to visit TMJ “specialists” who unnecessarily steer patients towards surgery. There are no long-term studies to prove the validity of this invasive procedure. In fact, many people who have undergone the knife have reported even more discomfort post-surgery than before. This is the #1 reason to veer away from TMJ surgeons. You simply can’t trust that a procedure will have you feeling pain free.

In fact, check out what one of our readers on TMJ home remedies had to say about her experience with surgery for TMJ disorder:

I kept calling the surgeon’s office and told them I was in more pain than I was before the surgery. For months I did this. And for months they kept telling me that the surgery was successful, that there is no reason my pain should be worse, and that there was nothing more they could do for me. The 11 years since the surgery have pretty much been a medical nightmare for me with continued chronic pain and horrible muscle spasms in my jaw, neck, and shoulders that are pretty much constant. [. . .] One thing I know for sure is that I will NEVER AGAIN allow any type of invasive or irreversible treatment for TMJ. Ever.

Pretty awful, right?

Healthy Alternatives

So where do you find pain relief if TMJ surgeons are to be avoided at all costs?

It all begins with making minor changes to your daily habits. These changes include:

  • Drink up – Start your day by drinking at least 15 ounces of water. Continue to drink water throughout the day as hydration is key for keeping your muscles relaxed
  • Move It – Get off that sofa and get some exercise. Whether it’s going for a walk around the blog or taking a long bike ride at the park, exercise will do your TMJ good
  • Stretch It – TMJ stretches are probably the easiest and more effective way for both loosening the muscles in affected areas while at the same time strengthening them. A stretch as simple as opening your jaw as wide as you can and slowly shifting your jaw from side to side can work wonders.

There are tons of additional TMJ home remedies you can do today to start feeling better. And if you’ve had any personal experiences with TMJ surgeons I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!