How Magnesium Relieves TMJ Pain

TMJ Home Remedies has been showing you over the past few weeks some of the best tips for curing your TMJ pain the natural and safe way. No suggestions for various pain medications or surgeries here; just healthy tips that will have you feeling better in no time.

Today you’re going to learn a little bit about magnesium. You may already be consuming it here and there in your diet, but did you know that by making sure to include magnesium-rich foods into your diet each and every day that you can greatly reduce TMJ pain?

This is because a huge contributor to TMJ discomfort is inflammation. Well thankfully for you magnesium is a natural way to relieve inflammation so that your muscles – especially those in your jaw – won’t be so tight all of the time. Relaxing and easing tension in your jaw area should always be a number one priority, be it through exercise, lifestyle changes, or making sure to add lots of magnesium-rich foods to your diet.

So what foods are rich in magnesium? Here are just a few that you’ll want to consume every day:

  • Spinach (this is the big one. A spinach salad will greatly reduce inflammation)
  • Vegetables (raw or cooked)
  • Fresh and organic fruits
  • Whole and cracked grains
  • Wild Alaskan salmon
  • White and green tea

There are many other foods jam-packed with magnesium. For a detailed list and a few recipe suggestions, try checking out The TMJ Disorder Home Treat Program. There are already many TMJ sufferers just like yourself that have reduced or eliminated their TMJ pain by using this comprehensive program.

We’ll see you again next week where we’ll give you even more great tips you can use at home to cure your TMJ disorder the natural and safe way. In the meantime, make sure to include magnesium in all your meals.

Until next time,

TMJ Home Remedies