Pain Relief for TMJ Discomfort

I have shown you in the past some tips regarding how to attain TMJ pain relief. Pain relief for TMJ disorder might often feel unattainable. If your situation has been anything like mine, you’ve probably had to endure painful days and sleepless night. So, if pain relief for TMJ is what you’re after, then where should you start?

The quickest way to start feeling better right now are by using various TMJ home remedies. This is pretty important because other options that involve invasive procedures and expensive medications are not only unproven, but also are sure to burn a hole through your wallet. Ouch! To save yourself the physical pain and financial burdens of surgery, I want to show you a few natural tips that will bring you pain relief for TMJ discomfort today.

Cheer With Your Mouth Shut

Your first instinct for achieving pain relief for TMJ pain might be to rush things. To be more specific, you might feel the urge to go out and have a doctor perform some sort of a procedure on you right now. But before you run out and put your jaw into the hands of someone else, I want you to try these simple techniques that continue to work well for me to this day:

  • Try eating softer foods. I’m not saying you have to slosh applesauce around in your mouth like grandpa does sans dentures, but try laying off the jawbreakers and caramel apples.
  • The next time you go to a concert or sporting event, go easy on the screaming and yelling. Yes, I know you love you some Jonas Brothers, but the more you open your jaw to yell the more stress you are unnecessarily placing on the muscles. Try clapping instead. If you’re really excited, just clap harder.
  • Daily exercise is a great way to find pain relief for TMJ pain. Just make sure to go easy on your jaw. If you’re kickboxing, for example, it’s probably a good idea to lay off sparing with a partner. The last thing you need is a right hook to the chin.


Acupuncture for TMJ pain is also a highly effective and natural remedy. It is generally thought that acupuncture restores your body’s natural flow of energy. It also provides pain relief for TMJ pain because it focuses on exactly where the pain is originating versus simply masking your discomfort. Try a few Google searches or ask any friends if they can recommend an awesome acupuncturist in your neighborhood.

Now Doesn’t it Make You Feel Better?

There are tons of amazing TMJ home remedies out there that I can’t suggest strongly enough. From altering the foods you eat to acupuncture therapy, there are so many natural remedies out there for you to try. Give a few of them a shot and let me know what’s working well for you.