TMJ Cures For Instant Pain Relief

Depending on who you ask, TMJ cures come in all shapes and sizes. If you visit your doctor, he or she may prescribe side-effect inducing medications or even surgery. Take a trip to your dentist and you may be given a splint in hopes of altering your bite. While this might sound like a good plan, it’s totally unproven and there is no scientific evidence to prove it’s a valid treatment. But if you start taking advantage of some basic and all-natural home remedies today, you’ll start to feel instant relief.

Today you are going to learn how stretches for your TMJ and the addition of magnesium to your diet can greatly reduce the stiffness and agony you’re currently experiencing. TMJ cures don’t have to entail expensive surgical procedures or uncomfortable pieces of rubber hogging up real estate in your mouth. Try the following remedies on for size to start feeling better today.

The Tongue Stretcher

Here’s a new exercise I just started doing a few weeks ago that’s really helping me out. I’ve dubbed it “The Tongue Stretcher.” Just do the following:

  1. With your mouth closed, rest the tip of your tongue on your palate just behind your two front teeth.
  2. Keeping your teeth together and your mouth closed, move the tip of your tongue backwards onto the soft part of your palate as far as you can go without experiencing discomfort.
  3. Keeping your tongue in that same position, slowly open your mouth. You should feel a little pull on your tongue. Hold it for a few seconds to get a nice stretch.
  4. Repeat the exercise about 5-7 times.

This simple exercise helps to strengthen the jaw muscles. What’s really great is that you can do it on your commute to work, before going to bed, and really whenever you have a few seconds to spare.

Magnesium To The Rescue

Let’s get right to the point regarding more TMJ cures: if you aren’t taking magnesium supplements or consuming magnesium-rich foods then you need to do so right away. This is one of the easiest ways to start feeling better today. Whenever I have magnesium in my body, I can feel the muscles in my jaw and shoulders slowly begin to relax.

The great thing about magnesium is that it’s already available in all kinds of amazing and tasty foods. This is a nice way to save money if you don’t want to buy capsules of magnesium. Just throw the following items into your cart the next time you visit the grocery store:

  • Fish – halibut, tuna
  • Fruits – Figs, bananas
  • Grains – Buckwheat flour, raw oat bran
  • Dairy – Condensed milk, low-fat yogurt
  • Nuts – Almonds, pine nuts
  • Vegetables – Artichokes, spinach

This is just a small sample of magnesium-laden foods. There are many more high magnesium foods you can mix and match together when eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So not only are these foods all super delicious, but also they will melt the tension around the TMJ joint.

TMJ cures don’t always have to be elaborate or expensive procedures. Sometimes a few easy and simple home remedies can work wonders. What tips do you have?