TMJ Doctors Don’t Exist

You suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). It’s a constant source of pain and aggravation that has a profound affect on the way you sleep, eat, and feel each day. You’re so desperate for pain relief from the disorder that you fire up Google and enter the search term “TMJ doctors.” You get a bunch of results for folks in your area who seem like they have a lot of good ideas for curing your disorder.

I’m afraid there’s something you should know: TMJ doctors don’t exist.

Heck, even agrees:

Neither the American Dental Association (ADA) nor the American Medical Association (AMA) recognizes the treatment of TMJ Disorders as a specialty.

So how is it that people have the audacity to call themselves doctors for TMJ pain when it’s not even recognized by the ADA or AMA? And more importantly, if it’s all a farce then what can you do to start feeling better today?

Your TMJ Doctor Will See You Now (And Tell You Lies)

There’s no such thing as specialists for temporomandibular joint disorder. Basically how it works is that any dentist or doctor can simply state that they’re an expert. There’s zero certification process or specialized training. That’s why most of the methods they use are outdated or completely unproven to fix your issue in the long run. These ineffective methods include:

  • Splints – It’s supposed to keep you from grinding your teeth at night. The reality is that it makes your disorder worse because the splint conforms perfectly to your teeth, which makes it easier to clench down while you sleep
  • Medications – Not only are they expensive, not only do they produce side effect, but most importantly they’re not fixing the cause of your pain at the root. They’re simply masking the discomfort temporarily.
  • Surgery – This should be an absolute last resort. There are no long-term studies to prove that a surgical procedure is an effective treatment. In fact, many patients are in more pain after the surgery than before.

So if TMJ doctors are about as mythological as unicorns, what should you do?

Home Remedy Help

The best way to attain help for your discomfort is through simple home remedies. We’re not talking about major overhauls to your current lifestyle either – just slight tweaks that will help you attain results right away. The best place to start is:

  • Daily jaw exercises – Incredibly simple and basic stretches – such as opening your mouth as far as it will go and slowly shifting it from side to side – will slowly but surely help loosen up your jaw.
  • Yoga – I highly recommend yoga poses. The warmer the room the better too because it will really aid in relaxing your muscles.
  • Exercising – Exercise of any kind is really important as well. Go for a walk with your dog. Hit up the gym. Go for a bike ride. Whatever you can do to get that blood pumping through your veins will work wonders.

No Mas

Don’t waste your time researching or looking for TMJ doctors ever again. You’ll simply be barking up the wrong tree. Instead, get started with these basic home remedies and pay attention to how much better you feel each day.

Have you had any bad experiences when dealing with so-called TMJ experts? Let us know in the comments below.