TMJ Neck Pain

TMJ neck pain – as the old cliché states – is a real pain in the neck. The aggravation that temporomandibular joint disorder inflicts upon you can make even the most routine tasks seem monumental. Taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, even lying down to take a nap can be difficult due to your TMJ neck pain. So how can you start relieving yourself of this ailment without having to take a dozen Advil capsules per day?

The path to overcoming TMJ neck pain can start at home with some easy and natural home remedies. With simple alterations to your diet combined with stretches that focus on the neck region, you will start to notice significant changes rather quickly. First, let’s take a gander at a few diet tips to help alleviate your TMJ neck pain.

Put Down The Soda and Slowly Walk Away

Perhaps the easiest lifestyle change you can do right away is to alter your diet. That means adding new foods to your daily intake (pumpkin seeds, bran muffins, eggs) and removing others (soda, coffee, energy bars, and other items high in caffeine).

When you are eating, try taking smaller bites to help ease the strain on your jaw. You may want to eat those foods that will not only help with your TMJ neck pain (fish that are high in omega 3 fatty acids that possess an anti-inflammatory effect) but are also easy to chew.

As you can probably imagine, you’ll want to stay away from chewy foods such as bubble gum, taffy, or steak. The more effort you put into chewing your food the greater the chance that irritation will occur.

Stretch Away the Pain

There are a bunch of great stretches you can do from home that will greatly reduce the pain you’re currently dealing with. Let’s focus on a few here that will help fix your TMJ neck pain:

  • This one is easy: simply relax your jaw and keep your teeth apart if you can. Bring your jaw up again and slowly relax it once more.
  • Another simple exercise is to move your jaw from side to side. Try doing this for about 5 minutes each day. Obviously you’ll want to stop if you experience any sharp pains throughout the area.
  • Massage your own temples, your jaw area, and of course your neck. This will help increase the flow of blood to the joints and muscles, thus easing your TMJ neck pain

With a few alterations to your diet, combined with simple exercises you can do at home, TMJ neck pain can be a thing of the past. Home remedies, including stretches, are great alternatives to over-the-counter and prescribed medications. So put down that Advil bottle, slowly relax your jaw, and begin the process of recovery the natural way.