TMJ Treatment Options

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Today I want to share with you why most TMJ treatment doesn’t work (and is a complete waste of money), and what you should be doing instead to relieve your pain.

As someone who used to suffer from TMJ for 10 years I feel like I’ve been to hell and back and I just want to share with you what works, what doesn’t, and how you can get relief quickly.

You don’t have to waste thousands of dollars visiting so-called TMJ specialists (like I did).

You can relieve TMJ pain in a safe, natural way.

How do I know this?

Because I have spent over $10,000 trying to cure my TMJ Disorder.

But, before we get into that…


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Here’s the three treatments commonly suggested by doctors, dentists, and other so-called TMJ Specialists.

1. Medications

One of the simplest (and laziest) TMJ treatment prescriptions is to take pain medication, typically an anti-inflammatory drug.

While some people might feel a little better temporarily you have to understand that while you’re covering the symptom of your TMJ (pain) with the drugs, the underlying causes are getting more and more severe.

The day will come that no amount of pain killers will make you feel better.

Taking medications just isn’t a long-term solution…

2. Mouthguards

Now I have to admit, this one really gets under my skin.

I paid $500 for a fancy dentist approved TMJ mouthguard and it didn’t help at all.

I also tried to get a mouthguard from a sporting goods store and that made my jaw scream in pain. Those kind actually give your jaw a tighter surface to clench on and make things far worse.

So, cheap sports-style mouthguards will make your pain worse, and the expensive custom fitted ones you can get from a dentist don’t work at all. OK, I have had one email from one reader who felt better… but I get tens of thousands of readers a month. Not exactly looking good.

Just like medication, this TMJ treatment is only covering a symptom and not fixing the real problem…

3. Surgery

TMJ surgery is just plain scary. It is insanely expensive, and there is a significant risk that your pain will be worse after the surgery.

In fact out of the hundreds of thousands of visitors we’ve had to not ONE has reported that surgery made them feel any better.  Instead it’s quite the opposite.

This is just one of the emails I’ve gotten from people who’ve tried surgery:

[testimonial1 author=””]“I kept calling the surgeon’s office to tell them I was in more pain than before the surgery![/testimonial1]

And that was a $20,000 procedure.

If anybody ever tells you to get surgery for your TMJ pain, RUN AWAY.


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