Top 3 Alternatives to TMJ Splints

If you are suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), then you’re probably fed up with the constant visits to your doctor and dentist that continually fail to deliver results. While the pain increases in your jaw, the bills keep adding up as well. Perhaps you’re considering TMJ splints to help you achieve the pain relief you so desperately desire?

TMJ splints may seem like a good idea on the surface. Yet, if you use just a few TMJ home remedies today then you’ll start treating the disorder directly where it begins. This is critical for attaining long-term pain relief – something TMJ splints simply can’t do.

Ya Wanna Splint That?

So what in the Wide World of Sports are TMJ splints anyway? Basically they’re a plastic guard you place over your lower or upper teeth. Your doctor or dentist is probably hoping that it will stabilize your bite and/or keep you from grinding your teeth at night. Here’s what you must keep in mind, however: the studies conducted on TMJ splints have failed to verify this as an effective and long-term way to cure TMJ discomfort.

TMJ splints will only provide temporary relief in a best-cast scenario. It is NOT a cure. If you want to treat the disorder where it begins, a few basic home remedies are a great place to start.

Stretching and Diet and Yoga, Oh My!

If you want to avoid future visits to the doctor and/or dentist, then here are the top 3 alternatives to TMJ splints that you should start taking advantage of today:

  1. There is nothing more effective than stretches. Don’t worry. We’re not asking you to do P90X or a morning boot camp. We’re talking about very simple exercises that you can do from home, at work, or even during your morning commute. Perhaps the easiest stretch you can do to achieve pain relief right now is to simply lower your jaw (hold for five seconds), shift it to the right (hold for five seconds), shift it to the left (hold for five seconds), and then close it. Repeat this exercise daily for around five minutes.
  2. Make some adjustments to your diet. The most critical thing you can do is to cut out caffeine and fast food. Caffeine makes it difficult for your body to relax. This is especially true when encountering life’s stressful situations. And as far as fast food goes – it’s disgusting and just awful for you. Replace those cravings with delicious veggie burgers from your local grocery store.
  3. Yoga is another great alternative to TMJ splints. It helps relax the muscles around the jaw area and helps you to understand the importance of staying calm and relaxed.

If you start taking advantage of these three tips – along with countless other safe and all-natural home remedies – then you will start feeling better right now. So throw away those useless TMJ splints and start treating the disorder directly where it begins.

Good luck!