Top 3 Tips: Relief For TMJ

Relief for TMJ pain can often feel like a never-ending journey. If your situation is anything like ours, then you’ve probably spent the previous weeks, months, and perhaps even years looking for a cure. Relief for TMJ disorder might seem downright unattainable at times.

If relief for TMJ pain is what you’ve been seeking, then why don’t we look at the top 3 tips that can steer you along the pain-free path of recovery. These tips are fantastic alternatives to costly and time-draining visits to doctors and so-called “specialists.” Let’s do this!

Sitting On Pins And Needles

A great way to achieve relief from your discomfort is by utilizing acupuncture for your disorder. It has been proven to be quite a successful treatment because it targets the root cause of your pain versus simply masking it temporarily with pain medications.

Old-school thinking states that acupuncture works by restoring your balanced flow of energy. A more modern and scientific approach believes that the flow of endorphins are increased greatly by the insertion of pins into specific points of the body. Bottom line: acupuncture works.

(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty

Completing daily exercises for the disorder is also critical. Grab a pencil and paper. Scribble down those exercises and physical activities that bring you joy. Why? Well, we could tell you to go to the gym or purchase that “fancy” Shake Weight device. Let’s be real here for a second though. The more you enjoy the activity you are doing, the more you will stick with that activity in the weeks that follow.

So what sports or physical activities do you enjoy? Think about those things you used to do in the past but maybe have steered away from now that life is so busy and full. Do you miss playing basketball? What about riding your bike? Heck, even taking your dog for a walk around the block will help you achieve relief for TMJ pain. Don’t worry too much about the details; just get out there and get your body in motion.

Stretch Therapy

Let’s say you’re traveling or having a week where visiting an acupuncturist or finding time to exercise just isn’t doable. We all have stretches of time like that. So speaking of stretches, why don’t we talk briefly about some effective stretches and how they are a quick and easy way to attain pain relief.

There are tons of stretches you can do no matter where you are, including in a hotel, at work, or even sitting in your car after lunch. These stretches can be as simple as opening your mouth as far as it will go (while experience no pain, of course) and then moving it to the left for five seconds, returning it to center, and then positioning it to the right. Return your jaw home again and repeat. Quick and easy stretches are awesome remedies you can do when you just don’t have the time for acupuncture or exercise.

You Can Do It!

Relief for TMJ pain takes time, so be patient and don’t give up hope that a pain-free existence isn’t possible. With the help of a few small needles, physical activities, and a little stretching, you’ll start to feel better in no time. Good luck!