Top 3 Ways to Treat TMJ Pain

TMJ pain is no laughing matter. No really – it’s probably pretty tough for you to laugh if you’re suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder. The headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and constant throbbing in your jaw often feel as if it’s never going to go away.

Thankfully, there are some fantastic and totally free treatment options for TMJ you can start doing today to attain instant relief.

The reason I’m super confident these top 3 tips will help you is because not only have they already helped me, but also many of the readers on this site. Today I’m going to show you how changes in your diet, exercise routine, and everyday lifestyle will help you to finally achieve a pain-free TMJ.


Did you know that you might be eating foods and drinking liquids that are directly leading to your TMJ pain? That’s because so many of the foods typical Americans consume on a daily basis lead directly to inflammation. When inflammation strikes your TMJ, the muscles in your jaw are swollen and extremely painful.

That’s why you need to make sure you’re cutting out the foods that lead to inflammation and start consuming those that greatly reduce it. By adding the superfoods to your diet that remove TMJ pain, you’ll start feeling better today.


Now that you’ve altered your diet, it’s important that you include daily jaw exercises into your routine. By doing so, you’ll slowly begin to loosen the tension in your jaw that’s the root cause of your TMJ pain.

Most exercises and stretches only take a few minutes to do per day. It’s critical that you’re doing them safely, however. Proper technique and knowing when to stop are key to making sure you don’t accidentally add to your discomfort.

By putting together your own personalized exercise routine, you’ll start to feel better before you know it. It’s amazing what a good stretch can do.


One of the more underrated contributors to TMJ pain is stress and anxiety. Most Americans think that stress must be a way of life. From relationships to work to family, the daily grind can easily be the biggest reason your TMJ is in constant agony.

Have you recently identified things in your life that are causing you stress? You might be amazed once you take a step back and realize what’s been bothering you. Once you identify what’s causing you stress, you need to deal with it properly or else risk years and years of additional pain.

There are tons of other simple and easy treatment options that will have you leading a life free of TMJ pain. Check them out today to see what works best for you!