Yoga? For TMJ Pain? You Better Believe It

We have previously touched up exercises that you can do for TMJ pain relief and how proper technique – combined with deep breathing – can relax the muscles surrounding the temporomandibular joint. Today we are going to focus specifically on the awesome healing benefits of yoga for TMJ discomfort.

Yoga can be quite effective at calming your mind and soothing emotional stress. At the same time, it relaxes your muscles. When combined together like this, practicing yoga for TMJ relief can yield amazing results.

If you’ve decided to do yoga for TMJ pain relief, what should you keep in mind? Well, I thought you’d never ask!

Why Don’t You Just Relax?

When you do yoga in a local studio, it is critical that you pay special attention to your jaw when you’re doing poses. It is super important that you don’t clench. Because some of the poses are very demanding, you might clench your jaw unconsciously. You simply must have awareness of all times for any extra stress you are unnecessarily putting on your jaw.

Over time, it will all become second nature. No matter how difficult the pose your jaw and facial muscles will stay relaxed – it just takes a bit of practice (and having someone to look over you helps greatly as well).

Go To A Studio

I would highly recommend you go to a yoga studio with an instructor that you trust. He or she can help you along the way to make sure that not only are you doing all the poses correctly, but also that you remain relaxed and are working on your breathing. A soothing instructor can pay great dividends.

It is for this reason that I’d suggest staying away from leveraging yoga for TMJ pain while at home. You might be so focused on learning the new poses that you aren’t even noticing how much you’re clenching your jaw. Moreover, improper poses could put you at risk for injury. Make sure to find an instructor that you enjoy so that this person can keep an eye on you. Besides, the studio is a great place to meet new friends.

Juice Juice Juice!

One last thing to note. It won’t do your body much good if you sweat out all the toxins during your session only to stop by a Burger King afterward. A key component for taking advantage of yoga for TMJ pain is making sure you have a healthy diet. With that in mind, try drinking organic juices after your sessions. All-vegetable juices – such as Superfood – are the healthiest for you and is made by popular brands such as Odwalla. Throw them in your gym bag to enjoy after your workout.

Doing yoga for TMJ pain relief is a fantastic way to not only relax the muscles in your jaw, but also the muscles throughout your entire body. You might just find yourself looking slimmer and more toned after about a month’s worth of sessions too. Yoga is probably one of the best home treatments that I can recommend. Check it out and let us know what you think.